• 9 June 2014
  • jim

Sunday 8th June....D day Celebrations in Southampton!


The day started at 7.30 for me, up out and down in Southampton by 8.30! Waiting at the dock gates for clearance was the Coastguard..we were all cleared and entered the Docks by 9am. We unpacked our equipment and changed into our overalls and Krav Maga training gear by 10am. Then the fun began...we started working with "Contact Front" who provided all the equipment (MP5's-machine guns) and organised the teams that would be carrying out the attack on board SS Sheildhall. Each team had a go at Krav Maga and Hostage Rescues. After lunch we then boarded the Rib (fast power boat) which took us at break neck speed through Southampton water, and we practised boarding the Ship from the Rib! We did our final drill which was great fun and the whole day has been recorded by a professional film crew, we can't wait to see the end result!
After a very successful day we have decided to run another one in me if your interested in putting your name down!